Reach Your Dreams in 2016

By April 4, 2016Pastor Tom

The discovery of your personal dream is the most vital happening in all of life. I am using the word dream as in finding the reason you were born, and what is that 1 thing God has called you to live.

It is said that only 2% of us find and live the ultimate dream that we believe is for us.

It is also sad that most Americans report that they are disgruntled, dissatisfied, or unhappy in their day to day job. This means that many people are suffering from loss of passion, as well as a loss of happiness, and a loss of a sense of significance.

It has been said that the poorest person in the world is a person without a dream. I resonate with that in so many ways.

Those who live without a dream often fall prey to what I call living the unintentional life. Intentional living means you have set a plan for your life and you are working your plan. We often fear the future because we have failed to design it. I have written another post on this topic here.

The person without a dream lives tomorrow like today!

I have defined dream as imagining the possible and impossible things derived from thought, or Spirit. It is also the invisible picture of God’s plan and purpose for your life.

Always keep your dream

Here is a story I recently read. It is my paraphrase and shortened somewhat.

There was a young boy who was asked by a school teacher to write out his dream as an assignment. His dream was to own a 200 acre horse farm and to train and breeding high level stock. In the assignment he describes the stable, the land, the employees, the large house, and his wife and kids. The teacher returns the paper with a large RED F and says I gave you an F because this is unrealistic. You are too poor and possess no ability to accomplish this dream. She adds if you will redo the paper and I will redo the grade. 2 weeks passes and the boy turns in the paper to the teacher and says; you keep your grade and I’ll keep my dream!

Dreams – PTWe must all remember that the challenge of every dream is that every dream will have a challenge. Most likely, more than just one.

With the discovery of our dream we also discover the passion and the plans to pursue it. Pursuit of a dream is proof of desire.

We must never allow the challenge of our dream stop us you from the pursuit of it. Josie Bissett said it right when she coined the phrase; “Dreams always come one size too big.”

I will continue part 2 next week.

Now it’s your turn.

Why is holding onto your dreams important?

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