The Pace Of Change

Our world is in a constant state called “change.” Change is defined as; the entry into a new place, to become different, to substitute for something new.

The rate of change in technology is accelerating to an almost disruptive level. I am not sure we will see stabilization in the technology field in our future. I just wonder if technology will pace themselves out of our ability to maintain. It seems they are changing faster than we are able to comprehend and stay in pace.

I am somewhat a techy. I use an ipod, ipad, iphone and a MacBook Pro. I also use Evernote and consider myself fairly good with most software. However, I am unable to even track the new equipment and the new software, let alone become a user.

The question becomes how do we keep pace?

1. Become a continual learner

Learners are earners. The leaders of our generation must stay on the cutting edge. If we are going to lead in this culture we must get informed. Using new devices and learning new software is a must. It is also very time consuming. Since you have no time to lose, make sure you investigate your purchases before you initiate the learning curve.

Make sure what you are learning is cost effective, in your stream of learning, and ultimately saves you time, steps, and money. For example, Evernote was cost effective and combined in one software package what I was doing with 3 steps of independent software. The learning curve was fairly simple. I made an investment of 25.00 for a learning guide and spent one evening reading.

2. Stay informed in your field

If you cannot keep pace in multiple arenas, make sure you are professionally informed in your field. All positive change comes from new information. You must find significant relevant sources that inspire and inform you. Information is the key to all transformation. Many become stale and stagnate. They develop a comfortable system that becomes rote and habitual. These are the ones headed for irrelevance and permanent stagnation. Remember Blockbuster anyone?

3. Be willing to terminate what you created

Our organization recently shared a round table open discussion. One of our Pastors shared an idea that challenged a current method we had adopted in the last 12 months. Even though I knew our challenger was right I began to defend the former system we created. The truth was it was still effective, but being used the wrong way. In this case we did not have to destroy it, just adjust it.

Change requires adjustments and other times it demands an end. In this change environment everything we create does not stand the test of time.

Keeping pace with change in the future will challenge all of us. It is also a challenge we must face. You see the future is not something we enter, it is something we create.

Your comments are solicited and appreciated.

About Thomas McDaniels

Pastor Thomas McDaniels planted his first church in 1989 in Kilgore, Texas. Since that humble beginning he and his wife, Charlotte, have successfully planted 3 additional churches. Pastor Tom has a unique gift of starting churches without a team or a staff. His strategy was simply to begin a weekly Bible study and allow the church to grow through word of mouth. He has a vision to plant or cover 12 churches and network them to advance the Kingdom of God. Pastor Tom and Charlotte are currently the Lead Pastors of LifeBridge Christian Center in Longview Texas. LifeBridge is a vibrant soul winning church focused on community impact. Pastor Tom is passionate about soul winning and reaching the lost of East Texas. He has expanded his passion for reaching souls to Tyler Texas with a new church plant in February 2014.

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